ROSTER SIGN UP || BRACKET BaseTradeTV is ecstatic to present ONLYWATCH, the first BaseTradeTV Overwatch tournament! Onlywatch is […]

Really bad Cosplay 2

Really Bad Cosplay Contest

It all started with a tweet from Liquid Mana. From this one tweet, an impromptu contest began to […]


BaseTradeTV Discord Channel

BaseTradeTV has a Discord channel now! Fans can join the channel to connect with other BaseTradeTV¬†fans at any […]


New Emotes on Twitch!

6 new emotes have been added to BaseTradeTV’s Twitch channel following our milestone goal of 1000 subscribers. Test […]


Corsair Cups in March

Corsair Cups, the weekly tournaments sponsored by Corsair, will return in March! After looking at the participation rate […]


The Nova Conspiracy

Put on your tinfoil hats. Rifkin guides us through the secret LabyRinth holds.